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Next Meeting: April 15, 2024
105 Union Point Rd.
Lexington, Georgia 30648

Mondays at 6 pm, two weeks before the Board of Commissioners meeting

Zoning Board

Meeting Schedule

The Oglethorpe County Zoning Board is composed of Oglethorpe residents appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The Zoning Board meets two weeks in advance of Board of Commissioners' meetings to discuss and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding Rezoning, Conditional Use and Variance Requests, Amendments to the Planning & Zoning code, modifications to the Comprehensive Plan and other planning and development-related matters.

Meet the Board Members

The members of the Oglethorpe County Zoning Board are residents of the community that have been appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  Members are not compensated for their time and efforts.  Zoning Board members are discouraged from speaking directly to applicants or the public regarding current agenda items as their consideration is solely on the merits of the application.  Should you wish to register your input regarding a zoning matter, please reach out to you district's Commissioner or fill out our Public Opinion Form on the Current Zoning Items page.  Any correspondence should be received at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled meeting for inclusion in members' packets.

Janet Hill
Morgan Robinson
Robert Drew
Jimmy Shealy
JF Hansford
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