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Mobile home bills are mailed in January of each year and are due on or before April 1.

All mobile homes in Oglethorpe County are required to have a current decal visibly posted by April 1st of each year. These decals are issued upon receipt of tax payment. If you pay in person, your decal will be issued immediately. If you choose another method of payment, your decal will be mailed to you when payment is received.

Registering a Mobile Home in Oglethorpe County

Need to register a Mobile Home to Oglethorpe County this Link will provide the Manufactered housing permit guide from the Oglethorpe County Planning & Zoning Department.

Oglethorpe County's Manufactured Housing information can be found here.

For additional questions and information, please call the Planning and Zoning Department at 706-743-5270.

 Purchasing a Mobile Home

If you just purchased or transferred ownership of a mobile home, you must apply for a title to the home in you name within 30 days of purchase.

You must provide a current paid tax receipt and proof of ownership before your title application will be processed.

If there is a lien on the mobile home, most lien holders will apply for the new title.

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