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Contact the Tax Commissioners Office for the Oglethorpe County's Excess Funds list.


Click here for excess funds claim form - possible items needed to file a claim: Claim form, copy of driver's license, filed lien documents, amount owed on lien, lien release, title opion and a indemnification agreement.


In cases where the excess funds are claimed by one or more third parties or in other circumstances as deemed necessary by the Tax Commissioner,  the policy of The Oglethorpe County Tax Commissioner’s office is to file a civil interpleader action with the Superior Court of Oglethorpe County seeking a distribution order from the Court pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 48-4-5(b) and other applicable law.   In that event, excess funds will be deposited in the court’s registry for distribution as determined by the Court.


In limited circumstances, in the discretion of the Tax Commissioner, a  claim for excess funds may be resolved without resort to an interpleader action, upon receipt of a title opinion from an attorney in good standing with the Georgia Bar Association that clearly designates the party with the priority claim to the excess funds and upon that party’s subsequent execution of a release and indemnification agreement that is tailored to the particular circumstances of the claim.

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