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It is important for you to understand, as a new property owner you will NOT receive a property tax bill on the property you just purchased this year, until you or the seller submits a settlement statement to our office.  Georgia law requires the Tax Office to bill the owner of property as of January 1st of each year. However if you or the seller faxes a copy of the closing settlement to 678-493-6423, we will be able to change the bill into the correct owners name, if purchased before 11/15 of the tax year in question.

Oglethorpe County tax bills are scheduled to be mailed in September and due in November. When the seller receives the tax bill, on occasion he will forward the bill to the new owner. To protect your interest in this property it is important to note, if you have not received a tax bill by October 1st to contact the Tax Commissioner’s Office at 706-743-8422 and request a copy of the bill or print a copy off of the web site, please remember to fax a copy of the settlement statement to our office to have the bill changed out of your name and into the new owners name. Although the tax bill will be in the name of the former owner, the law states that when taxes become delinquent a tax lien is placed against the property.

Please note: There is no provision in the law for the tax office to prorate taxes based on partial-year ownership of property. Any pro-ration of taxes must be made between the buyer and seller at the time of transfer of property.

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