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Read Every Title Carefully!

Titles from other states will be designed differently, but the information required is often the same.

Erasures and whiteout will void a title.  Mistakes may require extra forms to correct what someone wrote incorrectly.  If you do not know what to write or do, call us or come in to the office and our clerks can assist you.

Instructions for filling out a title.


1. Look at the front of the title. Make sure any listed lien holders have filled in box (c)

​​ * If the lien has not been signed off, you will need a lien release from the previous owner's lien holder.

2. Flip the title over to the  back.

3. Make sure all owners on the front of the title have printed their names and signed on lines (6) and (7).

4. Print your full legal name (just like it is on your driver's license) on line (1).

* If you have changed your name, you will need a court document showing that change (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce decree etc.)

5. Print your current residential address on lines (2) and (3).

* If you have a different mailing address, you will write that on the title application.

6. Write the date you purchased the vehicle on line (4).

* If you make a mistake, any correction adds a $10.00 penalty. 

7. Write the current mileage on line (5).

* If you make a mistake, STOP. We have an affidavit to correct the problem, do not mark through the mileage.

8. Print your full legal name on line (8).

9. Sign your name on line (9).

10. IF you make payments on the vehicle, write the name and address of the person/company to whom you are sending your payments on line (10) and (11).


** Please note that the highlighted section that states Dealerships only, should not have an individuals name in this section.  If someone is selling you a vehicle, they can not put your name in that section to transfer ownership.  They will have to get the title processed into their name first. **

**An important note to remember when titling a vehicle - motor vehicles are covered under the privacy act in Georgia and no one but the registered owner can process transactions for the vehicle. If the vehicle is in a spouse's name you will not be able to process transactions on that vehicle unless you have a limited Power of Attorney.***  

Click here for the Limited Power of Attorney.

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