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Types of Guardianship

The Probate Court handles adult guardianships of persons unable to care for themselves or to manage their own care with assistance, and conservatorships of the property of persons who are unable to manage their affairs. Minor guardianships apply in four types of cases:

  • Temporary guardianship of a child under age 18 for a temporary term if either or both parents are still living

  • Guardianship of the person of a child until the minor reaches the age of 18 if both of the minor's parents are dead

  • Conservatorship of the property of a child until the minor reaches the age of 18 when such property is valued at $15,000 or more and is to be received by the minor through such sources as inheritance, judgments, settlements, or life insurance benefits

  • Filing notice of a standby guardianship created by the advance directive of a parent when the guardianship is activated by the certification of a health care professional

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