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Community Service includes individuals and organizations through voluntary choice or required by court ordered to volunteer with the Public Works Department to pick-up trash along the road side or help the public works department around the main facility.

Individuals required by court order to complete community service hours may obtain hours by volunteering with the Public Works Department. Individuals interested are required to bring and keep up with their time sheet. Additionally, it is strongly encourage for individuals to dress for manual labor and outdoor conditions.  Most projects include beautification, roadside trash pick up, and loading recyclable materials into haulers.

Court ordered community service happens twice month on Saturdays. These dates are set by the Probate Court. Please call the office for the next court ordered community service date.

Court Ordered Community Service

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 261
Lexington, GA 30648


(706) 743-3649

Physical Address:

882 Athens Rd
Crawford, GA 30630

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 7:30a -3:45p 
Saturday: 8 - 11:45 pm

Address & Hours

Individuals and organizations are more than welcome to volunteer to do road side beautification. This volunteer opportunity immensely helps the Public Works Department. For large groups, we ask for you to call at least 4 hours in advance.

The Public Works Department will provide you orange bags for collection of roadside trash. However, the department will not provide you or your organization with vests or trash pokers. It is required for you to inform us which road that you will be working on as well as to bring the roadside trash back to the main office for weighing. 

Please click here to fill out the volunteer form and waiver. Please deliver both of them to the front desk clerk upon picking up orange trash bags.

Organizations & Individuals - Volunteers

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