Solid Waste includes hauling and removing solid waste material from the solid waste drop-off centers within the county to the Athens Solid Municipal Waste Landfill located in Athens-Clarke County.

Green Bags

$0.50 Per Small Bag (13 Gallon)

$1.00 Per Large Bag (30 Gallon)

Roll of 10 Green Bags

$5.00 for Small Bags (13 Gallon)

$10.00 for Large Bags (30 Gallon)

Purchase Green Bags from Front Offices located at each Drop Off Location.

Fee Schedule

1) Purchase Green Bag from front office at Drop Locations.

2) Fill bag with non-recyclable items.

3) Take full bag to solid waste drop off center. 

4) Unload bag into the Green Dumpster

*Must be a County Resident

*Only Green Bags are Accepted


1) C&D Landfill
882 Athens Rd, Crawford, GA 30630

Monday - Friday 8 to 4:45 pm
Saturday - 8 to 11:45 am

2) Simston District Community
(Located on Centerville Rd, 1 mile South of Elberton Rd)

Wednesday & Sunday - 7 to 1 pm
Friday - 9 to 1 pm
Saturday - 9 to 4 pm

3) Maxeys Community
(Located off Hill Street)

Thursday - 1 to 5 pm
Friday - 7 to 1 pm
Saturday - 9 to 4 pm


4) Devils Pond Community
(Located at the intersection of Devil's Pond Rd & Crawford Smithonia Rd)

Wednesday & Friday - 7 to 1 pm
Thursday - 1 to 5 pm
Saturday - 9 to 4 pm

Solid Waste Drop Off Locations

Main Office


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 261
Lexington, GA 30648


(706) 743-3649

Physical Address:

882 Athens Rd
Crawford, GA 30630

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 8 -4:45 pm 
Saturday: 8 - 11:45 am

Solid Municipal Waste includes:

  • Food & Kitchen Waste

  • Household Waste

  • Electronics & Electrical Waste

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Toxic Waste

  • Biomedical Waste

  • Construction & Demolition Waste

  • Recyclable Material

It is strongly encourage to be proactive about your waste. Recycle, Reuse, & Reduce when possible. Properly dispose of expired prescription drugs, NEVER FLUSH DRUGS down the toilet. 

What is Solid Waste?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place old medication in the trash?

YES. Follow these guidelines to protect children, wildlife, the environment and personal information. 1. Keep in the original container to help identify contents if accidentally ingested. 2. Mark out your name and prescription number. 3. Add a small amount of water or soda to dissolve pills. 4. Add a small amount of inedible items like pet litter, dirt or saw dust to absorb liquids, 5. Secure the lid with a strong tape. 6. Place bottle(s) inside an opaque container like a detergent bottle or with unappealing trash like diapers or used pet litter. 7. Hide the container in your trash. 8. DO NOT place in the recycling bin.

Should I flush old medications down the toilet?

NO. Flushing medications can cause contamination to local aquatic environments and wastewater treatment systems are not designed to remove medications. Also, medication can kill helpful bacteria in septic systems.

Is there a place to take Hard to Reclycle Materials? Like oil, batteries, propane tanks?

Yes, we encourage individuals to take hard to recylced material to the CHaRM facility located in Athens-Clarke County. They are located at 1005 College Aveue, Athens, GA. Hours include Monday from 10am to 7pm, Wednesday from 10am to 7pm, and Saturday from 8am to 12pm. For more information about the facility, click here.