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Beverly Nation, Chair
George Gray, Vice-Chair
Carla Houston, Secretary

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The Oglethorpe County Board of Elections and Registration was created through local legislation by the Georgia General Assembly beginning in January 2017. The members of the board serve as the Superintendent of Elections and are empowered with the powers and duties relating to primaries and elections, registration of voters, and absentee ballot procedures.


The Board of Elections and Registration consists of three members appointed by the Board of Commissioners for four year staggered terms. The Board of Elections recommends and the Board of Commissioners appoints a full-time Election Supervisor to  conduct business on a daily basis. Monthly meetings are held in the Elections office at 41 Fairground Road in Lexington. The Board of Elections are present on election day and during the advance

Voting period. They are also involved in the Logic & Accuracy process of testing the voting equipment and Election Night Reporting.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Receiving and processing voter registration applications

  • Receiving felony notices, death notices, cancellations from other states

  • Hold hearings

  • Issuing absentee ballots

  • Coordinating local registration drives

  • Reapportionment/Placing voter in proper district

  • Maintaining electors lists

  • Providing municipal election superintendent with electors list

  • Maintain deleted registrations for at least 2 years

  • Advance Voting

  • Mailing precinct cards

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