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The Oglethorpe County Emergency Operations Center

Oglethorpe Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is in a convenient location and provides a single, recognizable focal point for disaster management. The EOC carries out seven basic functions: startup or activation, administration and event documentation, information management, resource management, disaster analysis, decision making, and recovery.

  • Handles emergencies that are too large to be controlled from an on-site command post.

  • Provides inter-agency coordination and executive decision making for managing disaster response and recovery.

  • Assures that communication efforts are quick and effective with responding forces, the general public, the media, and others.

  • Ensures the integrity of operations and keeps unauthorized persons from entering the facility with the assistance of security personnel and system.

Who should you call to make a report?

Take the time to lookup your local emergency numbers and write them down next to your phone. To report suspicious activity, call 911 or your local police department, or the nearest GBI or FBI Office. The Oglethorpe County Sheriff non-emergency number at 706-743-8101.

What is suspicious activity?

Citizens could observe a variety of actions, statements, associations, timing or patterns of activity that may create suspicions of illegal conduct in their community. No one has a better perspective about what is defined as “normal” activity in the communities, than the people who live there. Law Enforcement has always relied upon the commonsense perceptions of Oglethorpe citizens who notice something or someone that appears suspicious or out of place. Participating in Oglethorpe's Homeland Security is just like taking part in your local Neighborhood watch, only much more is at stake.


When under High Alert, the Oglethorpe County Department of Public Safety has increased security at key county facilities. Access will be restricted at some facilities, and unescorted visitors will not be permitted.

  • Familiarize yourselves with buildings you frequent, prepare a disaster kit and report any suspicious activity to the police departments by calling 911 or the Oglethorpe County Sheriff  non-emergency number at 706-743-8101.

  • Have alternate routes to get to and from work and to pick your kids up from school, daycare and after school activities.

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